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LTS chosen by EDF Flamanville

LTS has been awarded by EDF for the rental of a complete steam production installation during Flamanville EPR commissioning phases.

The challenge is high due to the wide scope and the maximum input capacity restraint of 19,9 MW.

LTS is delivering, installing, connecting, commissioning & maintening the followings:

  • 2 mobile steam boilers of about 15t/h (Bosch) with Dreizler burners firing LFO
  • 2 economizers on smoke (Bosch)
  • 1 feed water tank
  • 1 waste water tank
  • 2 LFO storage tanks double wall
  • 1 LFO delivery station
  • Fences
  • Area lighting
  • Fire detection & protection
  • etc…

Thanks to EDF for the renewal of their confidence

And congrats to the whole LTS team for the work already done and to be done !