There are many reasons and advantages of calling upon LTS’s services.

1. Emergency service

Troubleshooting for industrialists whose steam, hot water or superheated water production has suddenly stopped is our core business. The main strengths of LTS are those which you can expect from a professional rental company: availability, reactivity and creativity.

2. Seasonal requirements

Perhaps you only require thermal energy for a specific period in the year but on a recurring basis? Thanks to our know-how, we can propose a contract that guarantees that you can find an industrial boiler, ready to ensure the production for the whole season, every year in the same location.


3. Temporary application

Industrial trials or an application involving a mobile boiler at a customer’s premises?

Do you require upstream support to present a complete solution and provide all the regulatory documents?

Our design office will support you with seamless communication, thus allowing you to present a clear and complete file to all your departments.


4. Phased works

Do you wish to continue producing during a requalification phase, while a burner is being changed or during the complete overhaul of your boiler room, and you wish to avoid the risks linked to concurrency and interference with other tasks?

LTS will provide the solution for recreating a temporary modular boiler room, and take over your boiler room during its refurbishment.


5. Postpone investment

You wish to take the time to think about investing in a new boiler room but you cannot wait because your current boiler room is no longer efficient, adapted to your needs, compliant with new regulations nor reliable enough?

LTS provides you with a complete turnkey solution thanks to its modular equipment which will offer you the same advantages as purchasing but without needing to invest.

In this way, you can take an immediate decision and your balance sheet is not affected.


6. Production continuity plan

You wish to envisage all the possible disaster scenarios in order to anticipate the preparatory works for the implementation of backup equipment.

LTS will accompany you in the study of the set-up of an emergency boiler room in different locations in your factory in order to feed each individual consumer or centrally managed for the whole site.

In addition to an audit of your installation and your requirements, we will provide propositions for preliminary works and for the rental or the permanent reservation of mobile boilers.