Steam boilers

1.3t/h steam boiler (3.000 lb/h)

A steam boiler, fully integrated into a 20 foot container, which also includes the burner, the PLC, the feed pump, the hotwell, as well as the blow down tank.

All the hydraulic connections are located at the back of the container in order to simplify coupling on site.

Technical details

Max capacity
1.300kg/h (3.000 lb/h)
Design pressure
16barg (230psi)
Consumption of natural gas
95 Nm3/h at full load
Consumption of light fuel oil
97 L/h at full load
Operation mode
72h max unmanned operation
Electrical requirements
15 kW approx. (400 V tri w/o neutral)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.800 x 2.500 x 2.600 mm
Tare Weight (in operation)
8.000kg (11.000kg)
CE according NF EN 12953 – 6/7/9/11