3,7MW hot water boilers

Our 3.7MW mobile industrial hot water boilers are integrated in 20-foot sea containers. This means that the heating unit, the automatic controller and the natural gas / heating oil combination burner are protected from the weather and damage. A freestanding chimney can be installed to provide an outlet at 6m. A circulation pump and an expansion tank can be associated with it.

Technical details

Maximum output
3.700 kW/h
Design pressure
6 barg
Minimum flow
25 m3/h
Maximum temperature differential
Natural gas maximum consumption
430 Nm3/h
Light fuel oil maximum consumption
450 L/h
Electrical needs
28 kW approx.(3x 400V w/o neutral)
Dimensions (L x l x h)
6.800 x 2.500 x 2.600 mm
Tare weight (in operation)
9.000 kg (12.000 kg)