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    LTS has its own fleet of serviced mobile boilers stored in a 2400m2 covered building, which was specifically built to offer optimal working conditions.
    A bridge crane of more than 40T and a 16T forklift truck allow us to freely handle all the equipment.
    In order to increase our capacity to be able to respond favourably to your requirements, we have built up close links with other European rental companies with the same quality approach. Therefore, LTS can find your ideal solution within a large fleet of nearly 250 mobile boilers for the production of steam, hot water or superheated water.
    Availability is not just the ability to store boilers, it’s also the commitment to deliver your boiler in perfect working order.

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    Because you can’t put a price on quality, LTS has decided to invest in a fleet of newly purchased boilers, built according to strict and high standard specifications.
    Ensuring quality also means continual improvement. That’s why all the feedback received from the field is taken into account and used to make modifications which will facilitate installation, maintenance and operation.
    Delivering a boiler quickly is not enough, it also needs to work. LTS is committed to checking and servicing all of its equipment after every hire. Procedures for mechanical and technical checks are scrupulously followed and a report is written by our teams. Thus, every boiler is ready for use on your site and to be passed into the hands of inspection bodies who will certify its proper working order and regulatory compliance.

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    Continual improvement and innovation are essential to becoming and remaining a technology leader. LTS continues to improve its fleet of boilers as well as its internal procedures in order to ensure a service which meets your expectations.
    Because of the particularly high demands of our customers and complex use of our products throughout Europe, our equipment has been modified for example with a fuel recirculation skid, retractable rails, integrated ladders etc.

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    Availability alone is not enough.
    It is important to have a responsive and competent team in order to be able to react as soon as you are in an emergency situation. That makes all the difference.

    We often see rental companies responding just because they are capable of delivering the expected equipment. However, installing, connecting and commissioning the equipment, whilst carrying out regulatory controls is another matter.

    LTS only lives by the service provided to our clients via the rental of industrial boilers.

    Our only objective is to see your production resume whilst guaranteeing compliance and security.

    Your loyalty more than satisfies us.