Our commitments

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    Safety is a priority for all employees working at Atlas Copco. In addition to strict work rules, we are constantly improving our equipment and processes to ensure maximum safety for both our employees and our customers.
    Safe walkways, crinoline ladders, safety valve vents, etc…
    We systematically carry out a preliminary study prior to the connection of our mobile boilers in order to minimise the use of hoses on the steam. Steam hoses are practical because they allow easy connection, but they generate significant risks. Their corrugated design causes considerable pressure losses and their flexibility leads to the formation of low points. The risk of water hammer as well as hose breakage is serious.
    To overcome these constraints, we have developed a range of rigid lines, insulated or not, as well as all the accessories such as elbows, reducers and bleeders to make connections in accordance with the rules of the art.

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    In addition to compliance with the European Directive for combustion plants, Atlas Copco attaches great importance to environmental protection.
    This is why our boilers are equipped with mixed burners, natural gas and domestic fuel oil, guaranteeing the lowest possible atmospheric emissions.
    To further enhance this effect, we have developed flue gas economisers that increase the efficiency of our mobile boilers by up to 6 points.
    In this way, our boilers not only allow you to reduce your fuel consumption but also to reduce your CO2 and NOx emissions.

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    Continual improvement and innovation are essential to becoming and remaining a technology leader. LTS continues to improve its fleet of boilers as well as its internal procedures in order to ensure a service which meets your expectations.
    Because of the particularly high demands of our customers and complex use of our products throughout Europe, our equipment has been modified for example with a fuel recirculation skid, retractable rails, integrated ladders etc.

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    By combining the two basic constraints of logistics and utilisation rate we achieve modularity. In fact, modularity allows, thanks to the combination of standardised equipment, to respond favourably to an infinite number of specific requests.
    Our fleet of boilers and our equipment are therefore easily transportable, their handling and installation are easy, their footprint minimised and their connection simplified.
    Of course, we are constantly balancing between integration and modularity so as not to remain locked into a concept, which is why we continue to develop our range.