Our partners

LTS has partners who are well-known for being the most competent in their field, either in the manufacture and maintenance of their own equipment or for being able to increase the range of services and equipment proposed to clients at all times and in all situations.

Obviously, everything begins with the key element of our offer, the steam, hot water or superheated water industrial boiler, manufactured by BOSCH Thermotechnik, whose world-wide reputation, design and production quality cannot be contested.

These boilers are integrated into mobile units by the official BOSCH Thermotechnik representative in France, the LCI Group.

The accessories installed on our mobile boilers are rigorously chosen to be the best adapted, the most reliable and the most renowned on the market to maintain the highest level of quality and ease of use.

In order to guarantee wider availability and to serve you throughout Europe, LTS has developed a network of European Partners who have the same high standards of quality and service as us.

As a result, we have access to a fleet of over 300 mobile boilers available across Europe.