The advantages of rental


rent a boiler?

  • Bear the failure of the boiler on-site
  • Continue to produce while there are on-going works in the boiler room
  • Respond to a seasonal need for steam, hot water or superheated water
  • Conduct trials on an industrial scale
  • Provide a service requiring steam or hot water
  • Take the necessary time to think about your investment
  • Ensure your compliance with the new regulations
  • Secure your production during a specific period



  • No need to invest – resulting in fast and reversible decisions without the involvement of the purchasing department
  • No need to call upon banks
  • Reasonable costs thanks to reliable forecasting and predictions
  • More freedom, with the possibility of terminating the contract at any time
  • More flexible production by ensuring the improvement of your equipment
  • Possibility of supporting you in France or in Europe
  • Compliance with the environmental and safety regulations thanks to equipment which is constantly updated
  • Reduction in your energy bill thanks to a perfectly sized installation and optimized efficiency
  • Reduction in production shutdowns by subscribing to service packs which cover troubleshooting, repairs or replacement
  • Space saving and minimal installation costs thanks to the containerization of the equipment



  • Operating contracts are simplified thanks to the flexibility of rental
  • Extension of the contract facilitated by changing the equipment in order to respond to the evolution of your requirements
  • Reduction in the risk of energy production shutdown by subscribing to our full guarantee
  • Improved cost management by entrusting the implementation works to LTS
  • Possibility of subcontracting maintenance by subscribing to LTS service packs
  • The financial health of the end user is no longer an obstacle to signing contracts
  • In the case of a legal dispute, the termination of the contract is simplified (the equipment remains the property of the rental company)